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Mediation Practice and Expert Witness Service

After a career that spans working as an attorney for the federal government at DHHS (formerly HEW) and the IRS Gift and Estate Tax division, Gale Allison went into private law practice in a large Tennessee firm. On moving to Oklahoma, she opened her own firm and continued to focus her practice on the boutique area of estate law.

After 20 years with the firm, she earned national certifications as a mediator for Litigation, Elder Care, and Family and Divorce. She added those services to her repertoire. When she closed the firm to have more time for mediation, she continued to practice estate law as a partner and Of Counsel for a local firm.

Now, with over four decades of estate law experience and five years as a mediator, she offers her services as both a mediator and an expert witness to help people in disagreement find peace as they resolve their legal disputes.


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