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Our team of bright minds and sharp thinkers help get your estate and related tax work done in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner possible. You get the accuracy you need from the person most qualified to deliver it. Then, instead of billing you at the hourly rate of a highly skilled attorney for everything, we bill you at the hourly rate of the team member who accomplished it for you. Our team consists of:

  • Legal Assistants - handle calls, appointments, communications, notary and witness services, filing, deliveries, and all clerical activities that keep your case flowing smoothly.

  • Paralegals - Skilled wordsmiths analyze and review your materials, draft your letters, format your estate instruments, save them in various media, make your customization changes, and track and package your case materials, assuring you have documents you need when you need them.

  • Law Clerks - Law school students in their final years at the University of Tulsa School of Law generally spend two years with us doing legal research and writing for the courts and the firm.

  • CPA - on contract and does financial and tax work in support of our tax attorney's cases

  • Administrative and Technology contractors keep our firm's overhead low.

We bill you for the experience level of our attorneys when they do activities like case analysis, strategic planning, representation in court, meetings, or mediations. All of the work done by our team under the attorney's direction is billed at team members' lesser hourly rates. Thus, your overall costs are lower. You receive extremely creative and high quality estate work at the average rate of a much less experienced attorney.


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