Asked and Answered: I may have an inheritance in another country

Dear Ms. Allison: I recently received news that my biological father in [City, State], Mexico has passed and believe I have an interest in his Will. I believe the Will has not completed the probate process and am looking for direction to obtain this information. SM in Southern Oklahoma

Dear SM:

If your father was a citizen of Mexico, you must look to the law of Mexico. You should contact a civil lawyer there or look for a U.S. probate lawyer who is also licensed in Mexico.

If your father was a citizen of the USA and owned property here, you need a probate lawyer from the state where he owned property. Since your matter crosses international borders, it would be best if your probate lawyer is, or is associated with an attorney experienced in international estate issues. You can start with your local Bar Association.

It may cost you more to engage the representation you need, but doing things right the first time will save you more than you spend to correct missteps and errors.

To your success, Gale Allison

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