Asked & Answered: Can I challenge a Will by myself?

Dear Ms. Allison: Where do I get an Oklahoma petition to challenge a Will? Carl in Oklahoma

Dear Carl:

There are many legal activities that a few, very intrepid people (folks willing to do lengthy research to educate themselves) can do on their own. Drafting a Will contest petition is NOT one of them.

These petitions also set in motion a lot of legal actions that even lawyers cannot do well if they don’t limit their practices to this kind of thing. If you don’t know about estate law: Give it up.

Hire the best lawyer you can afford, but make sure the lawyer’s skill set includes estates, trusts AND litigation. Anyone you hire who is only a litigator will also need an estate lawyer and an estate lawyer with no litigation expertise will also need a litigator. If you don’t engage an attorney with both skill sets, you will wind up paying for two lawyers.

To your success! Gale Allison

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