Where to get a petition to challenge an Oklahoma Will?

Dear Ms. Allison: Where can I get a petition to challenge a Will from the state of Oklahoma? GH in Northern Oklahoma

Dear GH:

There are legal things that very intrepid people (those willing to educate themselves with lengthy research) can do for themselves.

Drafting a petition for a Will contest is not one of them.

Such petitions set in motion a lot of legal things that even lawyers cannot do well if they do not limit their practices to this kind of thing.

Give it up. Hire the best lawyer you can afford, but make sure the skill set is in estates and Trusts AND litigation. A lawyer with only litigation experience also needs an estate lawyer on the team and an estate lawyer who has no trial experience will also need a litigator. There are Estate Litigation Lawyers you can hire who have the skills and knowledge needed to handle your case properly.

To your success! Gale Allison

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