Estate Disputes

Can a stepparent leave everything to a stepchild in her will?

Dear Ms. Allison: My stepmom passed away and left everything to me in her will. She has two sisters contesting the will. A lawyer told me that it’s possible I could get nothing cause I’m considered a stranger. Also said the judge would decide who gets what. Is this true? If so what’s the purpose…

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Can you name co-Powers of Attorney?

Dear Ms. Allison: Is it possible to name two people as “co” powers of attorney and as co-medical powers of attorney? One is an immediate family member and is local. She would also be an heir, as well as her children. The other is out of town and would not be an heir. However, he…

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Asked & Answered: Can I challenge a Will by myself?

Dear Ms. Allison: Where do I get an Oklahoma petition to challenge a Will? Carl in Oklahoma Dear Carl: There are many legal activities that a few, very intrepid people (folks willing to do lengthy research to educate themselves) can do on their own. Drafting a Will contest petition is NOT one of them. These…

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