Trustee Duties

What if siblings do not trust another sibling as Trustee?

Dear Ms. Allison: My sister was appointed Trustee to my parents’ living trust. My brothers and I do not believe she will fairly divide the assets between all of us. She didn’t handle his life insurance right when my father died, and let it lapse. So why would she do things right when mother goes?…

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Asked & Answered: Lawyer problems settling parents’ trust

Dear Ms. Allison: Trying to settle my parents trust. What should I do? My sister and I are the beneficiaries and co- trustees of the estate. I am on my second lawyer and not getting anything done. It should be very simple to divide the trust but this second lawyer says I’ts complicated. I think…

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Asked & Answered: Where do I find out if I’m listed in a Trust?

Dear Ms. Allison: I am told i have a Trust established in my name but cant find it. Anonymous in Oklahoma Dear Anonymous: I wonder where you are looking — and why? It is odd that you are looking into this, unless someone has died and you believe you are not receiving what was left…

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