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Privacy: Our video appointments are provided through because it gives the current best video quality and is easy for clients to use. However, please be aware that Zoom does collect data from meetings for their marketing purposes. Although Zoom does not sell the information to others, we want to be extra careful to protect your confidential information. During our video appointments, Gale Allison will not ask you for addresses, social security numbers, account numbers, passwords, and such. While we may make a video recording of our speaking engagements and blogs, we will not record individual clients’ meeting videos.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, telephone or video conferences are available for one-to-one or small group conversations.
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Ms. Allison receives many questions that are great for blog topics, articles, and research. You can ask your questions here and let us use them to educate you and the public about the types of mediation she does. Naturally, her responses are not legal advice and will in no way establish a professional relationship.

Our Asked & Answered blog keeps your identity confidential and features Ms. Allison's answers to what real people like you want to know about mediating Estate and Inheritance Disputes, Divorces, Elder and Adult Care Conflicts, Workplace, Business, and Business Succession Disputes.

She may not be able to answer you personally, though she tries. If we use your question, we will attempt to email you a link to the post. You can always find your answers in the Asked & Answered BLOG.

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