Business Succesion Mediation

Business Succession Mediation Practice Areas

According to the Family Firm Institute, only 30% of family businesses survive to the next generation. That is primarily because no formal Business Succession Plan exists to instruct anyone how to manage things when the founder or key leaders retire, die, or become incapacitated. Whatever the reason, with no Business Succession Plan, conflicts arise that can seriously damage business flow, relationships, and reputation. With no plan when someone does exit, companies often end up in chaos or a lawsuit. Our mediator helps you profitably make peace.

Mediation resolves disputes privately, out of court. Gale Allison facilitates both forming an agreeable Business Succession Plan or resolving problems that arise when no plan exists.  She helps all sides communicate, avoid confrontation, and form a written, signed solution.

Mediating Business Succession Issues of All Kinds

Business Succession controversies arise from unclear or unmade plans for when an owner or key player retires, dies, or loses the mental or physical capacity to continue running the business. Verbal promises, assumptions, and confusion over who takes charge, when, and how cause strife and turmoil in many businesses. With no succession plan or one that is confusing, businesses can be damaged seriously or even destroyed.

With skill honed from decades as a Business Succession Planning attorney, Gale Allison mediates Business Succession conflicts skillfully. Her goal to help people communicate about difficult topics helps them settle their differences, live, and work in peace. Business Succession disagreements include:

  • Who Takes Charge when the Founder or owner dies or becomes incapacitated
  • Buy/Sell and Shareholder Disagreements
  • Generation vs. Generation
  • Leadership Hierarchy vs. Family Ties
  • Partner vs. Partner
  • Sole owner vs. Successors
  • Control of Assets vs. Control of Company Direction

Nationwide Business Succession Mediator

Gale Allison knows the parties in Business Succession disputes settle by removing unpleasant confrontation. She knows that those involved recognize their needs and priorities, but require help to communicate and stay on task to find solutions. Without taking sides or making decisions she facilitates exploring and creating options to meet their mutual interests. She clearly sets and reinforces expectations, diplomatically keeping the focus on needs rather than positions or demands. Working easily between clients, attorneys, and independent expert resources she assures everyone understands the written agreement and the consequences of failure to agree. She helps people divided by differences create enforceable solutions and make peace.

Gale Allison has decades of experience as a Business Succession planning attorney and litigator before becoming a certified mediator. She knows the components of a solid Business Succession Plan and what happens when there is no plan or a plan is challenged. Helping people customize creative solutions is her approach to mediating Business Succession conflicts. See her mediation credentials, explore her other types of mediation, and learn more in her Blog.

If you are facing sensitive conflicts surrounding Business Succession issues anywhere in the USA: