Divorce & Family Mediation

Divorce & Family Mediator Practice Areas

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Divorce and Family Mediation

For disputes over:

divorce, guardianship, parenting, tax matters...

  • Prenuptial Contracts
  • Trust and Tax solutions for Divorce

  • Separation of Assets

  • Divorces and Family conflicts

  • Custody or Guardianship

  • Parenting Agreements

  • Estate or Tax Plan revisions

  • Professional Negligence

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​​Elder Care Mediation

For disputes over:

care of elderly or incapacitated adults...

  • Caregivers, parents, guardians, or other decision maker disagreements

  • Disputed Powers-of-Attorney, Healthcare Proxies, Living Wills, or End-of-Life Choices

  • Professional Negligence


​​Estate and Inheritance Mediation

For disputes over:

Estates, Trusts, and Inheritance matters...

  • Trust Revisions or Will Challenges

  • Fiduciary (Executor/Personal Representatives or Trustees) vs. Beneficiaries and vice versa

  • Fiduciary Income Taxes and Death Tax Allocations

  • Probate or Trust Administration Lawsuits

  • Professional Negligence

Gale Allison is available to mediate your legal matter exclusively through Dispute Resolution Consultants (DRC)

For successful resolution DRC provides secure, private conference rooms for mediation.  Also, Gale Allison can come to you by special arrangement.

COST: $350/hour*

Cost per hour includes Ms. Allison's time, facilities, food & beverage, pre-mediation reviews, settlement negotiations, communications, and the settlement agreement. 

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