Estate Litigation Lawyers

Estate Litigation

When disagreements arise in probate and estate administration—and they often do—legal technicalities and family dynamics can complicate things. You may find yourself facing or filing a lawsuit. In these cases, the help of our experienced estate litigation attorneys can make a huge difference.

Lawyers Representing Beneficiaries & Fiduciaries in Estate Litigation

Most people prefer to settle out of court and our team works toward that solution. However, when we must take a case to court for litigation we have experience representing clients on either side of legal issues. You might be a:

  • Beneficiary (the party receiving inheritance) for whom we work to ensure that you actually receive what you should receive; or a
  • Fiduciary (the Trustee, Executor, or Personal Representative responsible for administering settlement of an estate) for whom we work when there are disputes with the beneficiaries
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Estate Dispute Solutions in Court or With the IRS

Work in the IRS gift and estate tax unit and four decades each of experience in proper estate administration, gave our attorneys the skill to efficiently handle the complex problems that Beneficiaries and Fiduciaries commonly encounter.  With our exceptional legal and CPA team, we can address lawsuits regarding:

  • Inadequate or inaccurate preparation for an estate inventory or accounting

  • Interpretation of ambiguous provisions in the wide variety of estate planning documents, including no-contest clauses

  • Mishandling or misapplying the principal of Trust assets

  • Commingling or theft of funds

  • Removal of fiduciaries for breach of duty

  • Incompetent estate or Trust administration

  • Errors in taxation or tax planning that result in greater tax liability

  • Adverse death, gift, generation-skipping, fiduciary income tax issues, and more

Tulsa Estate Litigation Attorneys

When you cannot settle your Estate, Will, Trust, Beneficiary, or Fiduciary Disputes out of court, you want an experienced estate litigation lawyer to represent your interests in court. Call 918-492-4500 or email Gale Allison today, to schedule a meeting to discuss your case for estate litigation or another of our practice areas. You can learn more in our Asked & Answered Blog.


If you cannot settle out of court: