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People are often surprised by the many estate tax planning and filing matters that arise when a death occurs. A fiduciary, who may be called a personal representative, executor, trustee, successor trustee, or a trust or estate administrator will face several estate tax matters.  There may be a variety of taxes—some that you expect and some that you do not.  Regardless, you are personally liable for all decisions and mistakes pertaining to an estate’s state and federal tax responsibilities. ​

To avoid unnecessary taxation consider how you will handle:

  • Estate income taxes
  • Fiduciary income taxes (personal representatives, trustees, agents-in-fact, guardians, et. al.)
  • Tax planning to ease tax burdens of inheritances, gifts, or business succession
  • Generation-skipping taxes
  • Representation when you are faced with an adverse estate-related tax decision or audit.

Experienced Estate and Business Succession Tax Planning Attorneys

Our attorneys and a team that includes a CPA develop tax plans that fit snugly into your estate plan or business succession plan to protect your wealth and minimize tax exposure both while you are living and after your death.

Preparation of Death, Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping Tax Returns

Preparing clients' death, estate, gift, fiduciary, and generation-skipping tax returns properly is a hallmark of the Gale Allison team's practice. For an annually updated chart to understand the estate tax law changes, see our Library Handouts.


Representation for Estate-Related Audits, Allocations, and Adverse Tax Decisions

Ms. Allison and her team assist in court with litigation involving any adverse tax decisions regarding death tax allocations. We are prepared to help clients seek the most favorable outcome in tax litigation cases, whether that involves going to court to settle the matter or at the audit level of the tax return. We are some of the few tax lawyers in the United States who litigate adverse estate-related tax decisions. Work that can be, is done by a paralegal or CPA to control costs. While some individuals seek assistance from non-tax professionals, it is advisable to work with experienced tax professionals when so much is at stake financially.

Contact the Gale Allison team of Oklahoma Gift Tax Lawyers

When you face complex estate tax challenges, we have your best interests in mind. When out of court settlement doesn't work, we have the experience and knowledge to effectively and efficiently advocate for you—with the IRS, and in or out of court. To discuss your tax dispute with an Oklahoma estate tax attorney or for information on another of our practice areas, call Gale Allison at 918-492-4500 or email using the form below. Feel free to learn more in our Asked & Answered Blog.

If you are facing complex estate tax challenges: